Security Information

How we protect you information: We use industry standard technology to encrypt your details as they pass over the internet and to enable your browser to confirm that it's really our site that you're using. We use secure certificates issued by Verisign/Symantec.

On any page where you are entering personal details, you will see the closed padlock icon that tells you the page is protected. If you are using a very old or unsupported browser (eg; Internet Explorer 6.0) you will not be able to connect to these secure pages. In that case, please upgrade to a supported browser (eg; a modern version of IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari or Firefox).

If you share your PC or use a facility in a public place - Make sure you are not overlooked as you enter your details and close the browser window and, if applicable, log off when you have finished.

To ensure LCF are not out of pocket, any payment of disbursement (ie refund to LCF of costs paid out to suppliers on your behalf) made by credit card will be subject to a 2% fee on the value of the transaction, this is the charge made by our bankers for accepting credit cards. This will not be taken in the payment you are about to make, but will appear as an amount on the bill with our other charges.  

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